The International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code is a comprehensive set of measures designed to strengthen the security of ships and the ship-port interface (port facilities). In EU Member States it is implemented through the EU Regulation on enhancing ship and port facility security (725/2004). The Code has two parts, one mandatory (Part A) and one consisting of guidance (Part B). The EU regulation makes some of Part B of the ISPS Code mandatory.

The Code takes the approach that ensuring the security of ships and port facilities is a risk management activity and that, to determine what security measures are appropriate, an assessment of the risks must be made in each particular case.

Wavetrain has extensive experience in preparing both Port Facilities and ships for ISPS compliance. This experience means that we can very quickly conduct the necessary On-scene Security Survey/Ship Security Assessment and produce an ISPS compliant plan using either our own format or that preferred by the client. In the case of Port Facilities we will carry out the Port Facility Security Survey and produce an ISPS compliant plan, either using our own format or that required by the Contracting Government.