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Level 1 - Basic Awareness

Basic safety awareness course provides basic theoretical knowledge, advice on how to spot danger signs and suggests early emergency actions when encountering a potentially dangerous lithium-ion battery that might be entering, or is already in, thermal runaway. This course is approved by both The Nautical Institute and The Institute of Fire Safety Managers and is recognised for Continuous Professional Development (CPD).


Approximately 25 mins to complete

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Level 2 - Dealing With An Incident

Dealing with lithium-ion battery incidents is designed for firefighting & supervisory personnel who may be required to deal with a fire/explosion involving a lithium battery or battery energy storage system. This course is approved by both The Nautical Institute and The Institute of Fire Safety Managers and is recognised for Continuous Professional Development (CPD).


Approximately 35 mins to complete

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Level 3 - The Strategic Management of Lithium-ion Battery Incidents

The strategic management of lithium-ion batteries incident course is designed for personnel involved in the management of devices that use lithium-ion batteries, including; ships masters, port authorities, land-based storage facilities, distribution & transport managers, waste management companies, mining operators, solar power system owners, public transportation and leisure companies. The course is also approved by The Nautical Institute and The Institute of Fire Safety Managers and recognised for Continuous Professional Development (CPD).


Approximately 40 mins to complete

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 Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Awareness Courses



The use of lithium-ion batteries in the most varied devices is becoming widespread throughout the UK and the world. It is often the case that people that handle or store such devices in both domestic and professional settings, or people working in the vicinity of lithium-ion batteries, and oftentimes those that have responsibility for firefighting, are not aware of the potential hazards. Or indeed, what precautions to take in the event of an incident involving lithium-ion batteries.

This is where we come in.

Working with some of the world's leading research scientists and firefighting experts, Wavetrain has developed a series of UK Nautical Institute approved training courses. These are designed to deliver the appropriate level of training to those people handling, storing, or personnel whose jobs involve working with, or in the vicinity of, lithium-ion batteries.

Regulatory Guidance & Who Designed The Courses

At this time, there are no ISO's for dealing with lithium-ion battery incidents, and most BS/EU or sector-specific guidance deals only with the construction of batteries.
Because of this, Wavetrain has joined with Professor Paul Christensen,  the leading academic in the UK on the dangers of lithium-ion batteries and advisor to the UK Fire Chief's Council, to write our courses with us.
We are also working in partnership with experienced professional fire-fighting specialists, and energy engineers to assist companies with their understanding of the risks to their personnel who are working with lithium-ion devices or those involved in the transportation of them.

Professor Paul Christensen is a leading academic on the matter of lithium-ion batteries and the production of appropriate BS/ISO and he sits on the following committee's: UK Cross-Government Technical Steering Group for EV fire safety UK Gov BEIS Energy Storage Health and Safety Governance Group UK Gov BEIS Storage Safety - Fire Service Working Group BSI PAS 63100 Steering Group Derbyshire Police EV safety group
For more info, please see wavetrain.co.uk for the full bios of those creating and designing our courses that deal with this new, potentially fatal phenomenon of "thermal runaway" in lithium-ion batteries.

The student experience, testing and certification Students can access our lithium-ion battery fire safety e-learning courses via a paywall on the Wavetrain website or bulk purchase through our Learning Management System [LMS].

The course has been jointly designed by academics with PGCE/PGDE qualifications, energy generation and battery storage engineers, and full-time professional fire officers. The online learning is interactive, with visual cues, technical and operational data/procedures and has pieces to camera from professionals.

To ensure the best educational focus, students are unable to fast forward any video clips or interactive elements. They must complete each section before progressing. Also, learning comprehension tests are included midway and at the end of the online course.

An 80% pass mark is required for final certification at the end of the course. Our LMS has the ability to interrogate many course metrics such as pass/failure rates, time for completion, and time taken on each section.

Because we have chosen to educate through the online process, each student has the ability to take the tests again. They are also able to conduct the whole course again as many times as they wish, or go to specific learning points in the course to review the subject area they are weak in and then take the test again. This has enabled significant flexibility and allows us to accommodate the different learning and knowledge acquisition speeds of students.



Online Maritime Safety Courses

We run many maritime security training courses, including DfT and Nautical Institute-approved Company, Port, and Ship Security. Our clients include the Met Police, several UK Police marine units, the Royal Navy, the US Coast Guard and UK Special Forces, among others.

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Ensure the safety of your personnel with one of our online maritime safety courses, designed in accordance with international standards. For any further questions, contact us on 020 7101 4951 or at info@wavetrain.co.uk