BMP 5 – Vessel hardening and ship protection measures

Vessels and the people manning them will experience different security threats when operating or transiting the High Risk Areas (HRAs) such as those encountered in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean, West Africa, and parts of the far East. Regional instability in other parts of the world has also introduced maritime security threats, which include deliberate targeting of ships by extremist groups and collateral damage arising from regional conflict.

The consequences of not adopting effective security measures can be severe. Some pirates have subjected hostages to violence and other ill treatment whereas periods of captivity for some hijacked seafarers have lasted for several years. Other attacks have demonstrated an intent to damage ships and endanger life.

Our consultants will assist Company Security Officers and ships’ Masters in conducting a Risk Assessment as required in Section 3 of Best Management Practices, version 5 (BMP 5) and implement ship protection measures appropriate to the risks posed in any high risk voyage. These include, but are not limited to:

  • undertaking a voyage specific Risk Assessment as required by BMP 5;

  • carrying out a voyage specific on scene security survey taking into account the BMP Risk Assessment;

  • implementing the appropriate ship protection measures as determined by the above;

  • providing a ship specific hardening plan, including a comprehensive stores list;

  • developing detailed anti-piracy procedures;

  • providing onboard security liaison teams.