We are pleased to share the positive comments of some our clients and partners here.

“The venue was fantastic and the course material was some of the most eye opening and informative you could ever ask for.”
— Tom Brien, Jetty Operator at Archer Daniels Midland Company
“… delivery was engaging and informative;”
— James Way, Assistant Harbour Master at Guernsey Harbours
“… the best course I have attended in over 20 years, with a great setting and course material to take back into the workplace.”
— Lee Bayliss, Director of Health, Safety & Security at DFDS Seaways PLC
“I never realised how much information I have to gain when started my PFSO Course …”
— Munhib Syed MSyl, Security Solutions Director at Danhouse Security Limited
“… professional experience, detailed planning and depth of knowledge allowed for successful and efficient operations to be carried out.”
— Richard D. Bird, Client Rep. (Cables, Diving, ROV, Maritime) at Norther
“… attention to detail, drive and enthusiasm has always made it an absolute pleasure to be able to work alongside such a dedicated and loyal individual.”
— Dave Ronson, Security Consultant/Close Protection
“… quickly developed an agenda and was very focused on providing relevant information to the senior team, as well as asking pertinent questions to deliver on the objectives.”
— Syed M. Irfan, Chief Operating Officer at Marcatus QED
“We could accomplish the survey in less than the projected time with ‘zero’ incidents, which is a credit considering we were looking for UXO’s in the Iraqi waters.”
— Sharon Philip, Ocean Science & Surveying Pvt. Ltd.

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